There is a lioness in every woman, as miscellaneous and individual as you are!

Discover your potentials and how you can truly unfold and develop them. Get to know yourself better in a personality, life and business coaching.

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Business Coaching

Are you striving for change in your professional environment and want to uncover, strengthen and also develop your competences- but do not know how and where to start? I will accompany you through this! To give you ideas and a better understanding of what we can process in coaching, find some topics listed below. All sessions can take place face2face, via telephone and completely digitally.

  • Self-reflection and personal development
  • Discovering of own resources and their development
  • Recognition and overcoming of negative thought patterns and internal blockages
  • Systemic coaching
  • Effective handling of stress and difficult situations
  • Professional determination and reorientation
  • Acquisition of new tasks and challenges
  • Feedback and employee interviews
  • Development of executive competences
  • Definition and development of own leadership style
  • Health Management
  • Individual and other topics upon request

It's time to write your new story.

Personality-/ Life coaching

As a coach, I will help you creating reflection spaces which to you do not seem to exist. In order to give you an overview of possible topics here, you will find some themes below that we can address as part of personality and life coaching:

  • self-reflection and personal development
  • discovering own resources and their further development
  • recognizing and overcoming negative thought patterns and inner blockages
  • systemic coaching
  • effective handling of stress and difficult situations
  • overcoming your inner 'weaker self'
  • coping with anti-stress through sport exercises
  • healthy lifestyle
  • individual and other topics upon request