Hi, I am Alona- your coach!
Authentic, loyal, optimistic, natural and approachable

My 'why' and my mission relate to a holistic 'female empowerment'! I want to 'empower' you - so that you can develop your fullest potential and awaken the lioness in you.

How it started

It is not that easy to find the right words to describe yourself. According to the statements of my family, friends and acquaintances, keywords like 'Duracell bunny', 'the mother', 'crazy lady, that tries out everything' or 'the fighter' would definitely appear. And there is certainly some truth in it.
Since I know from my own experience how precious it is to find your way and always stand up for yourself, it is my greatest concern to support and motivate women to find their 'why' and to become better day by day, to reach own limits and to overcome them.
So I follow my calling and combine personality development with one of my deepest passions -sports. Keeping it 'up-to-date', further and regular training courses in the areas of mindfulness, mental training and the acquisition of special know-how in the health and fitness environment are on the agenda.

  • 2020 - my 'why'

    After experiencing the most exciting journey of my life and returning to Hamburg - the city of my heart - my 'why' and my true calling became clearer and clearer. I want to accompany and support people - especially women - finding their 'why' and on their way!
    In addition to a fulltime- job, I decided to do an apprenticeship with certification as a business coach and business trainer.
    Also in the sports environment I completed a training as a trainer for sports rehabilitation and specialist in corporate health management.

  • 2018 - new start

    At my 30's, after several years in the working world, I decided to follow my heart and set out on a 'Backpacker' trip to Central America, alone with a one-way ticket. I have never regretted it, as this trip was the best desicion of my life-so far! The countries, the language and the people - everything was a huge enrichment and made it clear that I want to focus on interactions with people and how I can help them.

  • 1986- my roots

    Born on August 21st, in a small city in Kazachstan, growing up bilingually, I came to Germany at the age of 10 and was aiming for a school and academic career. Since childhood, I have been inspired and accompanied by various sports and exercises.



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